'Fox in the Henhouse': the Introduction of the European Red Fox (Vulpes vulpes) into Tasmania, and the Potential Threat to the Fauna Biodiversity it Represents

John Marshall


Tasmania has been considered an important haven for wildlife, and until recently was free one of the most problematic vertebrate pests the European Red Fox (Vulpes vulpes). A purposeful release of about 20 foxes was carried out by persons unknown and foxes appear to have become established. The authorities under the direction of the Department of Primary Industries, Water & Environment (DPIWE), have formulated a plan under the Fox Taskforce of eradication that has drawn on much expertise from the established fox control programmes refined on the mainland. This Tasmanian plan has been criticised for its delayed implementation but embodies the elements of successful 'best practise' methods. The time that has lapsed has not been wasted with the DPIWE undertaking data collection and public education programmes to enhance the probability of successful eradication. The programmes continue.


European Red Fox; DPIWE; Fox Taskforce; Vertebrate Pests

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