Australia’s Forestry Industry in 2040: Three Plausible Scenarios

Nicole Allen


Over the next 30 years the Australian forestry industry will face the impacts of climate change and increasing consumer demand for wood products. Currently an inquiry into the Australian forestry industry is gathering evidence of environmental, social and economic impacts, production opportunities and land use as key issues for the Australian Parliament to consider (Australian Government 2011). This paper outlines the impacts of climate change and demand on the industry, with reference to affects on the economy, environment and society of Australia. Three plausible future scenarios of Australia’s forestry industry’s future scenarios in 2040 are explained: the ‘dizzy’, ‘low and slow’ and ‘most likely’ scenarios. Additional adaptations and strategies can be used to increase the likelihood of more desirable possible futures for Australia’s forestry industry, and of these, increasing plantation areas is the most essential.


Australian forestry industry; climate change; demand; scenarios; management; environment; economic; society

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