A Critique of the NSW State Government’s Draft Metropolitan Strategy for Sydney to 2031

Shi-Ling Kou


The Draft Metropolitan Strategy for Sydney to 2031 is Sydney’s urbandevelopment blueprint and determines the city’s potential for environmentalsustainability in the age of climate change. Environmental objectives related to efficient resource use, adaptationto natural hazards, pollution management and biodiversity are explored indetail.  However, the present paper findsthat opportunities to embrace synergies between adaptation and mitigationmeasures, rather than considering them in separate policy domains, are strictlylimited.  As current academic discourseis increasingly viewing these synergies as crucial to wider sustainabledevelopment goals, this critique of the Draft Metropolitan Strategy for Sydneyconcludes by providing recommendations on how to mainstream such initiativesinto Sydney’s urban development policy.


Mitigation and adaptation; Synergies; Urban planning; Sydney; Urban sprawl; Sustainability

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