Recovery and Use of Landfill Gas in Adelaide, South Australia

J. Treloar


Australians rate amongst the highest producers of waste in the world, producing an average of 780 kilograms of disposable solid waste per capita annually (NOGIC 1996). The accumulation of waste, deposited mainly in landfill sites, creates large amounts of landfill gas that becomes an environmental pollutant and a re-useable energy source.The main constituents of landfill gas are methane and carbon dioxide, both of which are major contributors to global warming. Methane is also a highly flammable gas, making it a also a threat to public safety. This report looks at the potential impact on the biosphere and atmosphere resulting from landfill gas as a pollutant, and also discusses the risks to public health and safety. Some practical methods of minimising environmental degradation, and using landfill gas as a valuable commercial resource in terms of current usage and future potential are also discussed.


Gas; Methane; Landfill; Power generation; Adelaide

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